The Band


In addition to his personal style on the bouzouki, with its characteristic sound, Much brings his experience and skills as a long-serving band musician and singer into the formation. He never tires of taking care of the technical processing of the freshly recorded pieces and, moreover, he uses the publicly effective communication media, ie Facebook and Youtube, to spread our work.


He directs the word to the audience to announce the next song, or to introduce the musicians to the audience.

Although he accompanies various pieces with singing and his mandolin, his main instrument is the bagpipe.


Onda plays hurdy-grudy since 2005, but now takes place at the percussion. In addition, she uses her extensive craftsmanship skills to make one or the other gem, with which the members of the formation like to decorate or dress in various performances.
Incidentally, it should be noted that she can draw the logo of the band freehand, as it sprang from her pen.
Furthermore, she is usually responsible for chossing the right dance to our music – and vice versa.


Although he’s been there from the start, he’s the youngest in the group.
His exceptional musical talent manifests itself in the band’s own compositions, which to a very large extent spring from his pen,
and therefore also reflect his playful skill on the hurdy-gurdy.

In addition to singing, he can take the accompaniment on guitar and bouzouki and is currently eradicates the lack of concertinas in the formation.