A wonderful Castle Festival at Schloss Ambras 2023!

Galna Humlor im Schlosspark Ambras 2023

Welcome to Galana Hu... Galgen Humor (gallows humour) Galna Humlor

Our repertoire encompasses

Folk, medieval/early music and European traditional dance music

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We love

the joy when playing music together that has united people throughout epochs. We value creating this atmosphere more than an authentic early interpretation

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Current album

Normannenblumen (Flowers of the Normans)

  1. Normannenblumen (Flowers of the Normans)
  2. Dunkle Wolken (Dark Clouds)
  3. 08/15
  4. Vitus
  5. Bringt den Met (Bring the honey wine)
  6. LSD Polka
  7. Tanz mit mir (Dance with me)
  8. La Sansonette
  9. Polyphem
  10. Dave´s